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Dehraadun Diary

Dehraadun Diary

The families who enjoy political and social superiority in the society have always tried to take advantage of their position. This has many times led the general population at a loss. This is a very common and old topic for the movie makers in the Indian film industry. Such movies depict the losses faced by ordinary people in their lives and how this turns them into special people which then bring about revolutionary changes in the society. Dehraduun Diary is also one such movie focusing on the issue of corruption that is increasing day by day in the present society. It starts with a simple love story but continues to become a war between the right and the wrong. There are two lovers in this movie who have quite different social statuses, the girl being very rich and the boy being a middle class person. The girl’s family is against their love and the girl’s brother kills the boy. From this point onwards, the place of romance is taken over by a search for justice. The boy’s family looks for justice for their deceased son and realizes that not being a rich person is a sin in their society. However they do not loss hope and carry on their attempt to have righteousness. Dehraduun diary is a movie about common man and for common man. It shows how a common man can become powerful when his loved ones are in danger and when injustice crosses its limits. The main roles in this movie are being played by Adhayayan Suman, Rohit Bakkshi, Ragini Nandwani, Vishal Bhonsle and Ashwini Kalsekar.
This movie will be released during the year 2013 and its final date of release is not yet confirmed. Milind Ukey has given the direction for this movie and he is introducing some new faces through this movie like Vishal Bhonsle, Rohit Bakhshi and Ragini Nandwani. ragini Nandwani has already performed in the television drama serial Mrs. Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuien and now she is giving her debut in the Indian film industry. As far as Adhayayan Suman is concerned, he has previously worked in some movies but has not yet been able to prove his talent in the industry. That is why this movie is equally important for all the main leading actors and actresses. This is a much needed movie in the present times as it depicts the real events in the life of common man. Moreover, it also gives the lesson to common people that they are not worthless; in fact they are the main strength of the society and can bring any change if they really work for it.

Cast & Crew

Ashwagandha Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Swami Samartha Creations

Release Date




Milind Ukey

Star Cast
Adhyayan Suman…. Aakash Sharma
Rohit Bakhshi…. Anshul
Ragini Nandwani…. Preeti
Ashwini Kalsekar



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