Does Google know you?

September 6, 2009 by  
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One of the greatest traffickers of information is Google. It has a magical Googlesearch box that gives you whatever you want (conditions apply). Ironically saying, Google’s search box is a rabbit hole that goes deeper than you can imagine. If I had to make an abstract relationship diagram between cyber world’s information and its access, I would simply draw the globe and connect it to the Google search box via a line. So, Google knows everything and when it doesn’t know something, that thing either doesn’t exist or its
existence is oblivious to the world. Sometimes, I write my name in search box and search out whether I am known to the world or not. And alas! I don’t find myself there (because my name is too much common). I don’t find a single web page where somebody has written about me or my article is published. Whatsoever, the rule is simple, just write your name in Google search box and see the results. If you find yourself out there with some relevant prominence, you’re not a local person. But being on Google doesn’t mean that you find some pages of Orkut or Facebook where somebody has written you a scrap. Rather, it means that either somebody has written your biography in Wikipedia or some website has acknowledged your talents and they have admired you. People have discussed you on discussion boards or have made a fan club of you. The cyber world has introduced the concept of “Global Village” and has unified the still existing diversity in a wire. Now, almost everything can be searched out by search engines. Knowledge and information has become boundless and more saturation in its dispersion is observed. And those who don’t contribute into cyber world positively, they must break the ice. The world is much competitive now and we’re living in an age of exponential growth. Do you know that a when a graduate earns degree, the course he read in the first year of study may probably obsolete.  Today our graduate has much more knowledge in one year than a person in ancient times has its entire life. If in this advance era, people can’t find you on internet.



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