Data Demands and Profits

September 30, 2009 by  
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Lh LH2300 Touch Web Phone
Lh LH2300 Touch Web Phone

Mobile phones of the early days were more like a business man’s briefcase. But what’s astounding is that within a decade, the briefcase has turned out to be a small gadget that allows you to hold the whole world in your palm. But as every technology freak knows that there always are trade-offs. The GPRS and Edge service incorporated within cell phones has encountered extravagant demand. Every six months, the data rate demand doubles but operators are unable to earn profitable margins because of intense competition. Many international telecom operators have shown concern in this regard that data speeds are not up to the mark and increasing data demands require a renovation of whole architecture which also doesn’t bring much fruit in terms of profit. New technologies and techniques are being worked out to resolve the issue. New mobile phones introduced by leading mobile phone manufacturers have tight integrations with data related modules.



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