Dangerous Soft Tissue Or Flesh Eating Plants

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Dangerous Soft Tissue Or Flesh Eating Plants

Mommy used to say don’t talk to strangers, mommy also used to say don’t go out at night. But after looking at the hazardous flesh eating plants pictures, I wish mommy should have said don’t go near plants. The plants around us are very peaceful and provide us with vital oxygen and food but who knew that these flora and fauna can be lethal and perilous. The pictures show the animals and insects being eaten by consuming their flesh in their acid. The plants snatch passersby flying things and crawling pests. The harmful acid in the stomach of the plants digests animal’s soft tissue them instantly. The risky flesh eating foliage is to-be-kept-away at all costs. So, watch the images and wallpapers and see the mother nature’s creative wrath in plant eating mouse, grasshopper etc God!

Hazardous Dangerous Flesh or Soft Tissue Eating Plants



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  1. manu on Thu, 10th Feb 2011 9:51 am 

    oh my god,whts this havent even heard about these fuc plants

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