Curse of FSI Blog – Is This Entertainment?

December 1, 2009 by  
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It is very sad to know that people are doing wrong use of technology. If you ever came across FSI Blog, a better than Debonair blog, you would be knowing that how destructive is the FSI Blog for adults and teens. The FSI Blog has lot of vulgar and obscene information and many Indian scandals are released here. doesn’t support such sex, nudity, obscene information, scandals and bad videos. The FSI blog is becoming popular among youth and teenagers which is an increasing sign of danger. Entertainment and fun must not be confused with sex and vulgarity. has a lot of visitors and we are an authentic reference in the field of entertainment, Bollywood and fun but we find it very unethical to add sex stories, porn videos, sex scandals, dirty material that FSI blog is offering. We must say that such blogs should be banned and all of us must raise our voice against it. The Debonair blog is also one such blog that has its roots in sex literature and porn information. We offer very good content for fun and entertainment and unlike porn sites and FSI Blog, we provide information that wouldn’t affect your ethical code of conduct. FSI Blog pays much to its contributors and some of the main categories of FSI Blog are as follows

1. Ask Anjali
2. Masala Clips
3. Savita Bhabhi, Adult Tips and Tricks Video
4. Sex Projects
5. Sex News
6. Pictures

All these categories are updated on daily basis for adding more and more porn and sex content to destroy the morality and values of young people and teenagers. We are against all such websites and material and it is promise that you’ll always find decent entertainment here.



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