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Hindi songs

Hindi songs are the strongest part of Bollywood. The age on Indian industry from 40’s to 60’s was termed as the golden age of Bollywood. Songs from Hindi films re recorded by professional playback singers which are then picturized on heroes and heroines. Many singers like Lata, Asha, Hemant and some other left less room for other singers. But now new talent in also supported through talent shows which are popular all over the world. Most actors today are great dancers they make the song more eye-catching for viewers. Music directors also play a vital role in improving the quality of song. Songs depict the action of movie in more communicative way. In most situations actor has a reason to sing and in some cases it revels the thoughts of the character or description of such event which yet not occurred in the plot of movie.

The main types of songs include romantic songs, pop songs, and classical songs. Bollywood also introduced item songs in their films. Physically attractive female dancers are used to present a catchy performance. Bollywood producers use film’s songs to attract audience towards the movie before it is released.

Pakistani filmi songs are not in good reputation now a day whereas pop music has a great effect on youth from last few years. But young talent is trying its best to regain the image of Pakistan. Pop music is introduced with the song “Ko-Ko-Korina” in Pakistani industry and then it spread readily all over the world. Pakistani rock music also got famous all over the world when Pakistani band strings sung the title dong for Spider man2.

Music is the combination of composition, lyrics, voice, performance and traditions. Depending on the choice of music lovers lot of music variation is available now. TV, radio, internet can be best source of entertainment for every one.

Bollywood Hindi MP3 Songs

Bollywood Hindi MP3 Songs



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