Beena Kak’s Son’s Wedding Party With Saloo Bhai

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Beena Kak’s son’s Wedding Party With Saloo Bhai

Beena Kak is famous politician and also known as a bollywood actress, Beena Kak’s family had a very long relations with Salman Khan‘s family, She also worked in the Movie Maine Pyar kyun kiya? and God Tussi Great Ho as Salman‘s mother in year 2005. Amrita Kak is the daughter of Beena kak, she is also famous for singing the song Just Chil Chil, Beena Kak’s Daughter is marrying and Sallu bhai is also invited in the wedding ceremoney by Beena Kak, Saloo bhai can be seen in pictures attending the ceremony, and enjoying dancing on the wedding, you can download these pictures and wallpapers.

Salman Khan At Wedding Party

Salman Khan At Wedding Party



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