New Year Sms 2010

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Happy New Year SMS 2010

Happy New Year SMS 2010

The new year is arriving and only some days are left now. The new year will be celebrated with extravagant vigor and fear as well because they say that 2012 will be the last year of Earth. is sharing a good collection of text messages sms for Happy New Year 2010. Now download free sms messages, text messages on happy new year 2010 and new year 2010 celebration messages. Best collection of nice, lovely and cool collection of New Year SMS 2010.

“Happy Last Month Of The Year” 🙂

May ALLAH Achieve Your All Remaining Goals IN This Last Month Of The Year,

Whatevr U HAVN’T achievd in last 11 months.



Nay saal ki Duaa!!

Ay Allah main tujh sy mangta hon!

Aisi maafi jis k bad gunah na ho,

Aisi hadayet jis k bad gumrahi na ho,

Aisi rehmet jis k bad zahmet na ho,

Aisi kamyabi jis k bad nakami na ho,

Aisi ezet jis k bad zilat na ho,

Ar Aisi mout jis k bad azab na ho.


Happy New Year


You have been wonderful than I expected! You are Amazing! Honestly, I can’t find a word to express my gratitude. Just promise to love you the best I can and expect much love on this New Year.
With Love,


Naye sal aayye banke ujale,
Naye saall aye banke ujale,
Khul jaye aap kii kismat ka tale,
Hameesha ap pe rahe meherrban Oparwale,
Chand taare bhi aap pe hi rosni dalle.
Happy New year


Happy New Year SMS Messages

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Happy New Year SMS

Happy New Year SMS always provides cool entertainment stuff and now we are sharing a huge collection of best new year sms messages. Throughout the year enjoy sending cool love sms, sexy sms, poetry messages, friendship sms, romantic sms, funny messages, motivational sms and all other types of messages. We have good collection of new year messages too. Celebrate your new year with new and best new year messages for free.


Beet gaya jo saal,Bhul jayye, Es Naya Saal ko Galey lagayye, Karte hain duwa hum Rab se sar jukakey. Es Saal ka Sare Sapne pura ho Aapke. *NAYA SAAL MUBARAK*


Remember the laughter,
the joy,
the hard work,
and the tears.

And as you reflect on the past year,
also think of the new one to come.

Because most importantly,
this is a time of new beginnings
and the celebration of life.”


*A New*


is going to be


*Lets Pray*

May God   dÈcÖrÄte   Èvery ÐÄÝ of  this new year

*with* *HÌS Çountless

*BLESSINGS* Happy new  year


Today’s sunset is the last sunset of this Calendar Year
I pray that all ur worries set down with this sunset
new beem of new year spread happiness in ur life.
“Happy New Year 2010”.


2010 s coming Soon Wish u a V. HAPPY New Year Valentine’s day Basant day 23March 14August Eid l Fitar Eid l Azha Friendship day Mother Father dada Dadi Nana Nani Childrn’s day Happy Birth Day 365 Good Morngs AfterNoons & Nights. Ye roz-roz ka drama nahi hota mry say.Ab pura sal mat kehna k msg nhi kia .


2010 is coming:

Wish u a Very HAPPY New Year

Valentine’s day

Basant day



Eid l Fitar

Eid l Azha

Friendship day


Father dada

Dadi Nana


Children’s day

Happy Birth Day

365 Good Mornings,

After Noons & Nights

Ab pura saal mt kehna k msg nhi kia;-)


Sabkay Dilon main ho sabkay liye piyaar,
Anay walaa har din laye Khushiyon ka tyohar,
Iss ummid ke saath aao bhulke sare gum,
New Year 2010 ko hum sab karay WELCOME!


Din naaya ha,Saal naaya ha
Badla badla khayal naya ha
Kalam nayi ha,Alfaz naya ha
Likhne ka andaaz naya ha
Manzil nayi ha,Aghaz naya ha
Urr chalne ko Parvaz naya ha
Kashti nayi ha samandar naya ha
kyu k
Jinab ab mera Contact No. nayaa ha

Facebook Implements New Privacy Measures

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500px-Facebook.svgSince its inception in February 2004, Facebook has become the most renowned social networking site across the globe with more than 350 million active users. Due to its enormous expansion and widespread usage, Facebook was thought to be the information resource for virtually any person in this world connected to the site. Some videos were also uploaded that said that Facebook users must revise their privacy settings because others can take negative advantage of it. Now, Facebook has issued a warning to every user for a change in privacy settings. Access will be denied to those who don’t see the page. Now, when you’ll open your Facebook account, you would see the privacy page.

The page allows you to change your privacy controls and with new privacy settings, you can control each bit of information coming to you and transmitted by you. This is surely a great thing as Facebook users will feel more secure. Some people also claim that by implementing these new security measures, Facebook has indirectly accepted that it became cause of embarrassment for many users. However, we love Facebook and we will continue using it until some new social networking site revolutionizes the thing.

Curse of FSI Blog – Is This Entertainment?

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It is very sad to know that people are doing wrong use of technology. If you ever came across FSI Blog, a better than Debonair blog, you would be knowing that how destructive is the FSI Blog for adults and teens. The FSI Blog has lot of vulgar and obscene information and many Indian scandals are released here. doesn’t support such sex, nudity, obscene information, scandals and bad videos. The FSI blog is becoming popular among youth and teenagers which is an increasing sign of danger. Entertainment and fun must not be confused with sex and vulgarity. has a lot of visitors and we are an authentic reference in the field of entertainment, Bollywood and fun but we find it very unethical to add sex stories, porn videos, sex scandals, dirty material that FSI blog is offering. We must say that such blogs should be banned and all of us must raise our voice against it. The Debonair blog is also one such blog that has its roots in sex literature and porn information. We offer very good content for fun and entertainment and unlike porn sites and FSI Blog, we provide information that wouldn’t affect your ethical code of conduct. FSI Blog pays much to its contributors and some of the main categories of FSI Blog are as follows

1. Ask Anjali
2. Masala Clips
3. Savita Bhabhi, Adult Tips and Tricks Video
4. Sex Projects
5. Sex News
6. Pictures

All these categories are updated on daily basis for adding more and more porn and sex content to destroy the morality and values of young people and teenagers. We are against all such websites and material and it is promise that you’ll always find decent entertainment here.

Dulha Mil Gaya Watch Online Trailer and Songs

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Dulha Mil Gaya whose English title is Found A Groom is a to-be released Bollywood movie. The movie is directed by Mudassar Aziz and once again the impressive performance of the Shahrukh Khan and  Sushmita Sen duo is in the lead case of Dulha Mil Gaya. The movie will be released by the end of 2009. The producer of movie is Vivek Vaswani. Fardeen Khan is also in the main cast. The official trailer and promo video of Dulha Mil Gaya has been released. Funrocker is sharing the trailer of the movie Dulha Mil Gaya. The songs of Dulha Mil Gaya are provided free in mp3 version. Download the free trailer of Dulha Mil Gaya or watch it online. The trailer depicts that the movie is very cool and the songs are also very cool.

Ranbir & Deepika break up

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Ranbir-Kapoor-DeepikaThe sizzling Deepika and heartthrob Ranbir who have been in the news since they first appeared on the scene. They started their careers on the same day- Ranbir with ‘Sanwarya’ and Deepika with box-office hit Om Shanti Om’.
Ranbir is the scion of Bollywood’s Kapoor family and the son of Neetu Singh, a famous actress of her time. Neetu Singh didn’t approve of her son’s match with Deepika Padukone, daughter of Prakash Padukone who was the international level badminton player from India.
According to reports, Deepika ended this two-year old relationship because of Ranbir’s flirtious nature and his relations with his co-stars. According to reports, Ranbir was taking unusual interest in co-star katrina Kaif on the sts of Ranjeeti. Deepika flew to Bhopal on sets of Ranjeeti to reclaim her man. But after her last effort, she called off the relationship. An other reason of the break-up was the missing passion in the relationship between Ranbir and Deepika. A report says, ‘Ranbir always treated Deepika as a girlfriend and not as someone special, basically there was no passion in their relationship.’

Amitabh Bachan awarded with LifeTime Achievement Award

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Big BBig B has been awarded with Life Time Achievement Award at 11th Mumbai Film Festival on completing his 40 years in Bollywood industry. Big B excitedly talked to media personnel after recieving the award. He thanked all his co-stars and collegues for their help and support throughout his career.He said, “No person can rise in his talent without others support, especially in this industry. Unless you have the support of others, you are nowhere. So, I would like to congratulate everybody of the film industry, who supported me from director to music director, assistant, spot boy, all my leading ladies and all my leading men that I had the good fortune to work with, because of whom I was able to spend so many years in the industry.”
Bachan also thanked Bollywood movie fans for their love and support. Big B is married to Jaya Bachan, one of his co-stars in Bollywood. They have two children- Abhishek Bachan and Shweta Nanda.

Aamir Khan tried patch up between Salman and Shahrukh

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Aamir SalmanCold wars between countries, politicians, players and celebrities is a very natural fact. It depicts the pure animalistic behavior of human being a very reason of which is our being animals. But because we are superior, we understand that fighting is not always the solution. Aamir Khan has been the vital person in trying to bring Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan closer. The fight between Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan triggered on the birthday party of Katrina Kaif. They shared ugly comments on each other and even refused to talk to each other. This incident had a negative impact on the Bollywood scene as a bloc was formed between SRK and Sallu bhai.

The fight afterward went into a state of cold war and Aamir Khan The Perfectionist tried to bring them closer through bilateral agreement. He went into the house of SRK in Mumbai and discussed the issue but this was a failed attempt. I think Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan must regard Aamir Khan and should be in good books of each other. The whole scene went into an amazing ending, Aamir Khan ended up with backing Salman Khan as he thought that Salman is on the right path.

He also walked a charity show of Salman “Being Human”. Many other prominent celebrities also participated in this charity show and walked the ramp. Let us see now how the bloc of Salman and Aamir proves to be lethal for King Khan. We must say that they should live like good friends.

New Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

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Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

The Moore’s law is obviously a definite argument to explain processing powers. With advent of new technologies, processing power is increasing rapidly and after the advent of multi-processing cores, the computation world is completely revolutionized. But there are always trade-offs and one trade of with increase in processing power is the heating effect. Our desktop computers and Laptops get too hot after usage of some hours that they literally can’t be touched. A new research has been carried out that aims to provide a solution to the heating effect. The scientist at Texas A&M University Mr Jairo Sinova who is a physics professor has in collaboration with co-workers of Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Institute of Physics ASCR and University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham have published a research paper in a journal Nature Physics. The research says that it is not because of processing power but the way of processing that is the actual problem. He said that electric charge is used to regulate information through devices which causes main problems.

A solution sought out by the research says that spin of electrons can be used to process information. They are tiny particles which are not detectable by human eye when naked. The directions of spin can be associated with one state like a clockwise rotation can be assigned as 1 and anti-clockwise rotation can be assigned as 0. The device will inject the electrons and they will be translated into information depending on their direction. A sensor will sense the state by measuring the voltage produced by rotation to give cooler laptops

LG BL40 Chocolate Handset Released

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Funrocker  LG BL40 - 5LG is a leading electronics company that is famous around the globe and specializes in laptops, mobiles and TV’s. The new mobile phone from LG has been released and its model is LG BL40 Chocolate. It is a successor of Chocolate and pakced with excellent features. The technical specifications and review of new chocolate LG BL40 is provided here. its slick and slim body, less wight and beauty, it has lot of cool functionalities perfect for businessmen and for music lovers as well. The color display has 16 Million colors and it is a capacitivie touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 2:19. The game playing experience in LG BL40 Chocolate would be great as they are motion-based games. The Stereo FM with RDS technology and a special FM transmitter is also given.

The camera is 5 MP and has autofocus capabilities. The optics are certified from Schneider. Surfing over the internet has been made very simple as Wi-Fi with DLNA is also available. The set is cool and stylish. The color display is extremely crystal and is TFT. The internal memory of the phone is 1.1 GB while expansion card can enhance it up to 32GB. The screen will automatically rotate as you change the direction of mobile phone and an accelerometer allows fast screen auto-roatation. The GPS is very handy and there are plenty of built in games as well.

The main disadvantage is that the mobile is made for single-handed use and thus it is not ergonomic and the card slot is underneath the battery. But overall, the set is very cool and its user interface is also awesome.

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