(Amazing, No, Smoking, Sign) Amazing No Smoking Sign

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(Amazing, No, Smoking, Sign) Amazing No Smoking Sign

The world’s most common habit is smoking. People smoke around the world. Many teenagers and women smoke in order to enjoy the side-effects causing benefits of smoking. The habit is highly dangerous to health and causes heart and lung diseases. There are many campaigns throughout the world that create awareness amongst the people for anti smoking ads. The amazing no smoking sign pictures below are the compilation of the wallpapers Signs that show the signs of this dangerous habit. The various posters are for a noble cause and show the real perils that smoking can cause. Download the wallpapers of people killing themselves with cigarette and create global wave of health.

Amazing No Smoking Signs



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  1. DIY Solar on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 1:58 am 

    Thanks for the posters, gave me some inspiration to make some of my own in Japanese

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