Amazing Magic Tricks

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Amazing Magic Tricks

Magic has been a source of fascination and entertainment for everyone for centuries now. Magic has many different from that ranges from magic done with enchanting words and magic wand and by performing dangerous rituals. One of the many forms of magic is legerdemain or magic tricks. These tricks are so awesome and mysterious that people often watch them tongue-tied. The videos that we have compiled for our viewers is the best compilation of amazing magic tricks. The tricks range from David Blaine to David copperfield.

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks

Richard Ross Linking Rings

The video shows the great linking rings magic of the greatest magician of all times Richard Ross. In this video. The public screams in awe as he flawlessly moves metal rings. The magic is in fact very beautiful sleight of hands.

David Blaine Teeth

David Blaine teeth magic trick with astonish you and you will jump up from your seat in amazement. The magician uses magic to move out a teeth from a lady’s mouth and puts it in by magic! It is indeed an amazing magic trick.

Paul Daniels Chop Cup

Paul Daniels is very popular British magician who is apple of eyes of his spectators. The magic video shows chop cup magic trick. In the legerdemain, he flawlessly performs the trick that took him 300 performances to get it flawless.

Harry Blackstone Jr Floating Light Bulb

Harry Blackstone Jr, is the son of Harry Blackstone Sr (also known as “The Great Blackstone”), died in 1997. The amazing magic trick The Floating Lightbulb shows a bulb luminous with no wires or electricity.

Lance Burton Doves

The awesome magician William Lance Burton is popular magician in Las Vegas. He did his first magic trick at the age of 5. The doves magic tricks video is in fact amazing. Watch the funny magic trick video.

Criss Angel Walking on water

Chris Angel is darkest black magic magician. His TV shows Mindfreak, Believe and Phenomenon have made a boom. He has performed magic of cut a woman in half and bulldozer on his body trick. In the video, he shows that Chris Angel can loiter on water!

David Copperfield Vanishing Statue of Liberty

The popular magicians Siegfried and Roy were made famous in Las Vegas for their vanishing elephant illusion but Copperfield vanished the huge and gigantic Statue of Liberty in New York City. David Copperfield is a very popular magician who has performed numerous magic tricks. The magician also has his school of magic for disabled people.

The Pendragons Metamorphosis

The awesome magicians Pendragons are from America and are well known for their fast and dangerous illusions. Jonathan Pendragon also had an injury when an arrow burst his stomach.  Pendragons’s metamorphosis illusion is regarded as the fastest trick in history.

Penn and Teller Bullet Catch

Penn and Teller’s bullet catch is most dangerous magic trick. The trick is so awesome that people scream in horror when the trick is performed.

David Copperfield Death Saw

David Copperfield is world’s most popular magician. He has sold 40 million tickets to shows and grossing over $1 billion. He has 10 Guinness World Records, has 20 Emmy awards, a Living Legend award and numerous others, as well as being the first living magician to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The great magician’s David Copperfield’s tricks are unmatchable.



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