A.R Rehman produced singer from his home

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Everybody knows, appreciates and enjoys the melodious compositions of A.R.RehmanA.R.Rehman. But many don’t know that the composer is very handy in terms of music. Now his 6 year old son Alim will sing for Hollywood. This is a matter of proud and happiness for the leading composer who has received Oscar. Alim has sung for a movie named ‘Couples Retreat’. The composition is made by Rehman. This is for the first time that a Bollywood composer and a little Indian singer are contributing to Hollywood. Some think that Rehman is promoting his son but the fact is this that A.R.Rehman is a person who has brought many talented faces into light. Sometimes back, he had his nephew Prakash Kumar to sing for an English movie titled Gentleman. The luck of the star is increasing day by day and with the winning of Oscar, Rehman has made the whole India proud of him. Now, we think his son and nephew will also prove their metal.

Salman Khan trying to quit smoking

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Smoking is one the lethal bad habits associated with Bollywood stars. Almost Salman Khanall stars including Shahrukh and Salman are heavy smokers. But Salman Khan seems to be quite touchy about his health and now he is thinking to quit smoking. In a recent statement, he told the media that smoking is a bad thing and those who do it just want to enter into some social circle or try to be stylo. This statement is very controversial for smokers who think that they smoke when they feel they are low at nicotine or they smoke in tension. The star further gave advice to all smokers that people who do heavy smoking are
actually killing themselves because smoking captures you and once you become addict to it, it’s difficult to escape it.

He emphasized that one can’t quit smoking due to the company he keeps. When you try to quit it, you don’t think to change your social circle as well because whenever you will sit among smokers, you’ll definitely start it again.

Preity & Shilpa’s cold war becoming hotter

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When it comes to Bollywood stars, friendship Shilpa-Preityword demolishes its existence. The long fight between Bollywood’s superstars Shilpa Shetti and Preity Zinta has gone furious. The incident took place on the FICCI’s 10th anniversary’s celebrations when Preity was asked about competition she would encounter in IPL where Shilpa Shetti’s team would put every effort to bring them down. She said that Shilpa is not going to play. The non-professional attitude of Preity has not been liked by many. As a matter of fact, both actresses are superstar, both have big fan following and both own a team in IPL matches.
Although it is evident that professional jealousy exists between the two but a more decent approach must be taken to resolve issues. Now, let’s see whose team wins.

Salman Khan sometimes get beaten by her mom

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Although the culture of beating children has been over but Salman Khan, the rock star of Indian film industry still enjoys slaps from her mom. The actor is 43 now but her mom says thaSalmant he still receives some holy pats in the form of slaps and other actions associated with beating someone. His mother, Salma claims that Salman was the naughtiest in all his children and used to get beaten the most. The facts were revealed in the first show ‘Teray Meray Beech Main’ of director Farah Khan. Salman Khan was the guest and Farah Khan was digging out immensely for the facts. When she asked Salman about the intensity of slap, he told that it comes all of the sudden from nowhere and it is a heavy slap. This thing is almost unbelievable for a person 43 years old and even when he is a big star. One secret was also revealed on the show that Salma waits for his children to come home on the window.

This reflects that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, the love of mother for her children never dies. Now, the next time you see the star fighting people like he did in Tere Naam, think that this tiger is a cat in home.

Meera getting threats by husband

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I think this time Meera is not attempting to capture fake fame. Guys, she seriously claims to be in trouble. A controversy is going on that whether Meera has trapped by his own idiocy or the guy who claims to be her husband has went mad. The background of the story is that Meera married a big shot business man some years ago and that man bought her a bungalow in Defense Housing Authority with domestic items purchased from China. In the marriage contract, it was clearly written that 2crores will be paid in case of divorce and the bride’s right was PKR 25lac. Meera denied in media about her marriage. In a video uploaded in Meerasocial networking site Facebook, the marriage ceremony’s pictures were provided with an exclusive interview of her ‘candidate-for-husband’. The person tried to enter into Meera’s house after giving her death threats. Although the gunmen at Meera’s house stopped him but Meera was so terrified that she contacted with Mahesh Bhatt – the man who introduced her to Bollywood. Bhatt accepted that Meera called her from Lahore and she was very frightened.
Bhatt says that Governor of Punjab, Mr. Salman Taseer is taking the matter seriously and official security has been provided to the star. This is not the first time Meera has showed her trust on Mahesh Bhatt. She also knocked at his doors when some boy threatened her to death during her stay in Mumbai.
It’s funny that Meera got nobody, not even a big fan who could use a proper channel to get her rid of her unofficial marriages and aftermaths of these marriages in Pakistan. Her husband says that he is running into loss and can’t bear the overwhelming desires of  Meera G. He even says that Meera traps rich guys and empty their pockets. Meera G, my advice, please hire a person with normal commonsense to assist you.

Shahrukh Khan, brand ambassador of Colgate

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The title ‘King Khan’ given to SRK reflecSRKts the man’s popularity and extra-ordinary talent. Shahrukh has also been the king of brand ambassadors having represented almost all the top companies in India like Honda, ICCI bank, Pepsi, Nokia and Tag Heuer. Now, the Colgate Palmolive has signed a contract with him to become ambassador for their brand. The Colgate Palmolive is a popular brand and covers a complete range of oral care products. It’s now obvious that the company will grow into more benefit because of SRK’s involvement. The history of Shahrukh Khan as a brand
ambassador is quite good and companies who have hired Shahrukh observed a great boost in sales. The contract was signed by Shahrukh few days back.

Slumdog Millionaire’s Star lost father

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A huge controversy has arisen over the issue that whether people from slums have a right to live a normal life or he is destined to be a Slumdog.  The child star Azhar Ismail who played the role of Salim in The Slumdog Millionaire has recently lost his father who caught tuberculosis and couldn’t survive due to it. Muhammad Ismail was a poor man who was very proud of his son. The family was living in a slum called Garib Nagar until two months before the movie director managed to buy them a flat by setting up a trust.
The film grossed 86m Euros woAzhar Ismailrld wide and won 8 Oscars. But the ground realities couldn’t be changed. A Slumdog lost his father and further to it, most of the amount he earned from acting was spent on the cure of his father. The boy is just ten years old. He was at school when his father passed away. He knew about his father’s death on returning to home. It is also said that Muhammad Ismail was addicted to alcohol which could be a vital cause for hindrance in recovery. But, Azhar’s story has become the real
story and has superseded the film’s fake story.

ASIN At ITFA Award function

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Watch Bollywood Actress Asin at ITFA Award function. Here you can download her pics taken during the awards ceremony .






Sonam Kapoor is the lady in red

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Watch Sonam Kapoor as a lady in red in Cover page of  Telegraph . She is really looking hot and sexy . To download Sonam Kapoor Wallpapers click here.


To download Sonam Kapoor Wallpapers click here.

These are Sonam Kapoor’s September 2009 Poster pictures for Magzine Front Page of  Telegraph

Wake Up Sid – Kya Karoon?

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Download 3gp Video Song from Movie Wake Up Sid – Kya Karoon? for mobiles and Cellphones

Wake Up Sid - Kya Karoon?

Wake Up Sid - Kya Karoon?

Director : Ayan Mukerji
Producer : Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar
Lyricist : Javed Akhtar
Music Director : Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca
Cast : Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Khanna, Anupam Kher, Shikha Talsania, Supriya Pathak, Namit Das, Rahul Pendkalkar, Shruti Bapna, Kainaz Modiwal
Release Date : October 2, 2009

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